Yoga For The Elderlies

Instead of hardcore exercises and strenuous physical activities, yoga is something that most elderlies can do without much hassle.

That said, there are plenty of poses that the elderlies cannot perform since they require one to be extremely flexible. But yoga is the most suited since it is a great way to get their joints as well as bone health intact.

Let us look at some poses that seniors can perform.

1.      Bird Dog

Since the health of the spinal cord is something that deteriorates over time, it is important to have a good regime where you have exercises which can support the back. The Bird Dog position can help with the said problems by strengthening the back as well as the abdominal area. In order to get to this position, begin by being on all fours. Now stretch an arm towards the front while extending the opposite leg towards the back. After staying in this position for a breath, change the sides and repeat up to five times.

2.      Cobbler Pose

The Cobbler Pose is a position which can help the hips stay open and in order to get to this position, all you have to do is sit and let the soles touch each other. While doing so, you also have to let your knees open up on either side of your body. In order to increase the intensity, you can bend forward but keep in mind that you shouldn’t bend too much.

3.      Sphinx

down on your stomach

This particular position is great if you are looking to strengthen your upper back. The Sphinx can also help you prevent hunches as well. Your chest will also let itself open up apart from stressing the rear deltoid. In order to get to this position, you must lie down on your stomach and keep your arms on the floor. While doing so, you need to have your elbows right beneath your shoulders. Bring your back down to the floor as well while doing the previous step. You also need to bring your shoulder blades as close as possible by reaffirming your forearms on the floor. Stay in this position for ten breaths.